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Ad Title: Crime Analyst
Location: Largo, FL
Post Date: 09/10/19
Contact: Jacqueline Danzig
State: FL
Zip: 33778
Phone (W): 727-582-6200
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Under the direction of an Analyst Supervisor, member performs professional and technical work in conducting detailed research and analysis of confidential investigative information relating to criminal activity and any related statistical data in order to assist and enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement operations and programs. The work involves responsibility for requesting, receiving, and analyzing confidential information on specific criminal activities for an assigned geographic area. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, compiling, analyzing, and disseminating criminal activity information, coordinating the exchange of interstate and intrastate information pertaining to specific criminal activity and preparing written reports illustrating thorough analysis and evaluation of investigative information. Work is reviewed by the supervisor through observation, analysis of reports, and evaluation of results achieved. Subject to call-out after hours as part of scheduled rotation.
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Ad Title: Crime Analyst
Location: Largo, FL
Post Date: 09/10/19
Contact: Jacqueline Danzig
City: Largo
State: FL
Zip: 33778
Phone (W): 727-582-6200
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Under the direction of an Analyst Supervisor, member performs professional and technical work in conducting detailed research and analysis of confidential investigative information relating to criminal activity and any related statistical data in order to assist and enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement operations and programs. The work involves responsibility for requesting, receiving, and analyzing confidential information on specific criminal activities for an assigned geographic area. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, compiling, analyzing, and disseminating criminal activity information, coordinating the exchange of interstate and intrastate information pertaining to specific criminal activity and preparing written reports illustrating thorough analysis and evaluation of investigative information. Work is reviewed by the supervisor through observation, analysis of reports, and evaluation of results achieved. Subject to call-out after hours as part of scheduled rotation.
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Ad Title: Crime Analyst- Rock Hill, SC
Location: Rock Hill, SC
Post Date: 08/19/19
Contact: Damien Williams
City: Rock Hill
State: SC
Zip: 29730
Phone (W): 8033263753
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Analyst position with Rock Hill, SC police department. 2nd analyst position working alongside another analyst with 17 years experience in profession, having been with the department since 2005.

Very much a position that you can be proactive and create your own analyst interests- variety of analytical functions. Ability to analyze any crime type, call type, arrest type, data type you want using various techniques. Focus on hot spot policing, RTM, DDACTS, focused deterrence, problem-oriented policing, intelligence-led policing, COMPSTAT, evidence-led policing.

Salary- $52,000, generally pay raises of 2-3% every year in my experience here for 14 years.
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Ad Title: Crime Data Analyst I - CA
Location: Sacramento, CA
Post Date: 07/16/19
Contact: Lauren Norman
City: Washington
State: DC
Zip: 20036
Phone (W): 9192741451
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This position exists to provide Crime Analysis services to a customer of LexisNexis to include tactical, strategic, administrative, and operational analysis of their data to provide decision makers in the agency with the actionable intelligence they need. Additionally, this position will serve as a subject matter expert on LexisNexis products that are in use at the customer site by providing training and guidance on how to utilize them effectively. The role also may create, maintain and enhance product design and related documentation and effectively communicate with internal and external clients, management and LexisNexis functional areas by presenting problem resolution, product information and status reports in a professional manner.

This position is embedded at the Police Department in Sacramento, CA and is responsible for assisting several agencies in the Sacramento area with regional crime and trend analysis..

You will need to be physically at the police department daily.

Aides in guiding customer agency on how LexisNexis pubic safety products should be used to combat crime and disorder problems in the city
Analyzes, investigates, and resolves problems to ensure product integrity
Performs a variety of strategic, tactical, and administrative duties relating to the systematic process of collecting, categorizing, analyzing, and disseminating timely, accurate, and useful information that describes crime patterns, crime trends, and potential suspects
Prepares a variety of reports such as crime information and patrol bulletins, monthly and quarterly activity summaries, department annual reports and specific statistical/research reports as needed
Works to enhance understanding of product knowledge and customer requirements
Ensures analytical services align with the strategic goals of customer agency
Evaluates analytical services to identify analytical gaps
Acts as a liaison between customer agency and LexisNexis
Presents and discusses innovative ideas on product improvements and enhancements to manager for incorporation into new and existing products
Professionally maintains relationships with internal and external customers
Acquires and enhances understanding of LexisNexis products and customer requirements
Supports PS Market related projects
Represents LexisNexis at customer facing events
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Ad Title: Crime Intelligence Analyst (Full Time)
Location: Douglasville, GA 30134
Post Date: 07/30/19
Contact: Deputy Sam Arnold
City: Douglasville
State: GA
Zip: 30134
Phone (W): 770-920-4968
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The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is actively seeking a Crime Intelligence Analyst with training and experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The essential functions of a Crime Intelligence Analyst are to collect, analyze, and disseminate information that may be incorporated into the everyday activities of the Sheriff’s Office in an effort to combat crime and allocate resources.

Data Collection and Analysis
Crime Analysis information will be collected using federal, state, and local law enforcement databases. From the data elements and sources, Crime Analyst will compile data into organized formats for subsequent comparison and analysis. The position requires the ability to exercise judgement, decisiveness, and creativity in situations involving evaluation of information against measurable and verifiable criteria.

Salary, Hours and Benefits
• Starting Salary range: $48,434.79-$50,888.29
• Monday-Friday 8-5 with weekends, county holidays and inclement weather days off
• Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
• Defined Benefit Pension Plan
• Uniforms Provided
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Ad Title: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Wisconsin DOJ
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The Wisconsin Department of Justice is seeking a Criminal Analyst to join the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center (WSIC) within the Division of Criminal Investigation. WSIC is the state’s primary fusion center and provides tactical, operational, and strategic intelligence support to local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement, emergency management, fire service, public health, military, and private sector partners. The Fusion Center also works with local and statewide law enforcement to collect and analyze information about criminal activity that assists in preventing and solving crimes. The successful applicant will be instrumental in helping the Department of Justice in its mission to protect and serve the people of Wisconsin. Learn more about the Wisconsin DOJ at

Position Summary:
The WSIC Intelligence Analyst position is responsible for a number of assignments including but not limited to analytical assistance in criminal investigations and tactical operations, assessment writing, and information sharing in Homeland Security programs. The analyst will receive, analyze, produce, and disseminate analytical products to stakeholders not only in Wisconsin but throughout the United States. The duties of this position will have a direct impact on the WSIC's daily operations and the coordination of information sharing between state, federal, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies, as well as private partners.

The employment register established as a result of this recruitment may be used to fill other Criminal Analyst vacancies in WSIC for the next 6-12 months.

Special Notes: Applicants must be legally entitled to work in the United States (i.e., a citizen or national of the U.S., a lawful permanent resident, an alien authorized to work in the U.S. without DOJ sponsorship) at the time of application. The Department of Justice will conduct an extensive background check on applicants prior to selection. This position is subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. Upon hire, all new DOJ employees will be fingerprinted.

1. Travel to other agencies and meetings including court appearances is required. Travel out-of-state may be required. 2. This position must testify in an effective manner as an expert concerning the analysis performed and the results and conclusions drawn. Testifying in an effective manner requires remaining free of Brady or Giglio disclosure obligations. 3. The incumbent must obtain and maintain a National Security Secret-level clearance. 4. The analyst is required to take on-call weekends, based on rotation with other analytical staff, as well as volunteer for weeknight coverage. 5. The analyst is expected to deploy to provide analytical support to law enforcement and homeland security partners in a variety of circumstances.

The applicant must have education, training and/or experience in the following three areas for further consideration for this position:
1. Developing actionable intelligence through collection, analysis, and research OR Investigating information from multiple sources to identify trends, anomalies or solutions.
2. Preparing reports or presenting information as a result of research and analysis.
3. Using computer software such as analytical tools, spreadsheets, visualization programs, databases, forensic software, or other specialized tools to organize and analyze data.

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Location: Commerce, CA
Post Date: 10/30/18
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LA CLEAR is a nationally and internationally recognized Investigative Support Center (ISC) that provides intelligence products, enhanced information sharing and advanced systems technology to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in order to ensure officer safety and enhance operational efficiency. The CIS I position will be assigned to the Watch Center and report to a Criminal Identification and Intelligence Supervisor. Employee serves at the discretion of the Executive Director of LA CLEAR.
The CIS I duties include, but are not limited to: collecting information from a variety of sources; analyze, evaluate and correlate information pertaining to targeted criminal suspects; input and maintain intelligence information in the RISSIntel database; respond to inquiries from law enforcement agencies; query multiple law enforcement databases; prepare trend assessments and reports; post and monitor critical events in a deconfliction system; report information in both verbal and written form; prepare correspondence and memorandums as necessary; provides liaison to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure a continuing flow of information. The Watch Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year including holidays.
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Ad Title: GIS Developer
Location: DC Metro Area
Post Date: 07/08/19
Contact: Jack Cibor, Mapping and Data Services Unit - Mana
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The GIS Developer will report to the Network Operations Center within the W/B HIDTA and report to the GIS program manager and Architect of the ODMAP program and be responsible for the ODMAP technical applications. This position will upgrade software development and research solutions and modify procedures to complex problems considering computer equipment capacity and limitations, operating time, and form desired results. Programmer will conduct research for the purpose of designing, coding, testing, debugging documenting, and maintaining ODMAP. This position is contingent upon funding. Duties will include:

• Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data from various data sources (both internal and external) into our analytical warehouse. This involves the use of various scripting languages such as SQL, Python & Java (and others where appropriate
• Configuration of various analytical software that consumes our warehouse
• Fulfilling data requests from our Investigative Support Center (ISC)
• Creating reports using SQL Reporting Services
• Maintaining the database integrity of our Overdose Detection Mapping Application (ODMAP) map utility
• Supporting other applications that consume data warehouse & GIS services such as Case Explorer
• Maintaining the tuning, indexing and performance of our existing database infrastructure
• Maintaining and supporting the ESRI GIS platform
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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst
Location: Chicago
Post Date: 09/16/19
Contact: Abigail Hall
City: Chicago
State: IL
Phone (W): 212-284-6902
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The Analyst will be expected to perform a variety of tasks, including research, writing, evaluating, analyzing and disseminating intelligence information on a variety of issues. The Analyst will support efforts to prevent, protect against, mitigate the effects of, respond to and recover from all-hazards, whether man-made or natural.

The Analyst will be expected to compile as well as author briefs, memos and reports related to relevant issues for both internal use and external publication. Additional responsibilities include maintaining and updating databases and having the capability to make presentations. The Analyst must be able to conduct analysis of multi-faceted data to show methods, trends, and patterns related to threats and/or hazards, identifying and prioritizing risk and vulnerability.

The Analyst will be expected to be up to date on current events, particularly those related to relevant subjects and regions, and to be able to provide analysis of those events, both for internal and external consumption.

- Capture, assess, interpret, corroborate and distribute intelligence appropriately, to include through the use of databases, software platforms and online portals
- Able to quickly and effectively summarize information from multiple sources into concise, analytical assessments and then disseminate the same to meet and fill priority collection requirements and intelligence gaps
- Monitor and report raw intelligence in a timely manner via various media forms and documentation tools
- Provide general information sharing as necessary to determine key patterns
- Identify intelligence collection gaps and prepare mitigation recommendations
- Identify and extract essential information from intelligence products and investigations
- Discern and report patterns of complex behavior and activity
- Analyze data and synthesize information into reports for dissemination
- Convey a clear and accurate understanding of present and future threats
- Apply highly developed inductive reasoning skills to provide a proactive approach to mitigate potential threats
- Initiate, establish, and maintain effective working relationships inside and outside the organization
- Analyze homeland security, law enforcement, and other non-law enforcement data and trends
- Position requires variable shift work, to include weekends, evenings and holidays, and participation in on-call rotations.
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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst - Cyber Threat
Location: Windsor Mill, MD
Post Date: 08/06/19
Contact: Human Reources Recruitment
City: Baltimore
State: MD
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The Intelligence Analyst (Cyber Threat) directly supports public safety, government, and private sector customers by identifying, creating and sharing relevant and actionable cyber intelligence and information, through assessments, bulletins, briefings and/or investigative support. The analyst performs a wide range of analytical functions including research, analysis and reporting on criminal and terrorism related vulnerabilities, risks, and threats posed by cyber actors to the State of Maryland. The analyst provides predictive analysis based on relevant local, regional, national or international intelligence information, trends or activities. This position works in developing, supporting and conducting statewide liaison and outreach activities as they relate specifically to Cyber security and protection related threats and vulnerabilities. The analyst will provide briefings and reports to government and private sector customers related to Cyber security, protection and vulnerabilities. The analyst assists the Critical Infrastructure Protection Branch in cataloging, assessing, prioritizing and reporting on the Information Technology and Communications related Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources and specifically identifies vulnerabilities, threats, consequences, and overall risk originating from natural or manmade threats, both intentional and unintentional. For further details, refer to job posting
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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst Supervisor - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Post Date: 11/02/18
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The purpose of this position is to participate in the collection, collation, analysis, dissemination and evaluation of crime data to discover developing trends, patterns and changes in criminal activity through the use of mapping and analytical software.
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Ad Title: Internship - National Security and Intelligence Analysis
Location: Washington, DC
Post Date: 09/01/19
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he Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is committed to training the next generation of national security leaders through its innovative educational programs. ISW is currently seeking motivated and experienced college students or recent graduates to join our intern team. ISW offers a wide range of internships across diverse research portfolios and departments, including Counterterrorism, Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. ISW also offers internships in National Security Innovation and Emerging Technologies and in non-profit management, including Development and External Relations.

Why Work for ISW: 72% of ISW’s full time staff began their career at the organization as an ISW intern. ISW believes that ground realities must drive the formulation of strategy and policy. In pursuit of this principle, ISW conducts detailed open-source intelligence analysis to provide timely and accurate information on current conflicts and security threats directly to policy-makers and warfighters.

ISW is a leading source of innovative analysis and intelligence on global conflicts that threaten American national security. ISW publishes regular research reports and graphics to inform policy-makers, warfighters, and journalists in Washington, D.C., as well as the general public. Interns provide critical assistance to our analysts and receive hands-on training from their supervisors as well as a formal development program taught by our leadership. Interns will be trained to use innovative technologies to conduct open-source collection and analysis in a fast-paced environment.
Interns will be paired with ISW researchers on subject matter that best matches their skill sets and language capabilities. Interns are expected to collect, process, analyze, and synthesize intelligence from native language sources under the guidance of our staff; collaborate with the wider research team to generate intelligence products; assist with editing, documenting, and compiling materials for publications; and support the planning, preparation, and execution of public events and private briefings held by ISW.
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Ad Title: MCIN Crime Analyst
Location: City of Hyattsville
Post Date: 09/06/19
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The City of Hyattsville is seeking an individual to fill the position of Contractual Grant Crime Analyst for the Hyattsville Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network Site (MCIN) Grant. This is a grant funded contract position with an annual salary range of $50,000 - $55,000. Placement within the range will be based on qualifications and experience. There are no other employment benefits or relocation expenses associated with the position. Full time position and incumbent will work 40 hours per week.

The Hyattsville City Police Department Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network Site (MCIN) addresses crime in the City and surrounding contiguous areas in Prince George's County. The program aggressively tracks violent offenders and criminal gang members utilizing investigations in a multi-agency collaboration with Federal, State, County and municipal public safety agencies and community partners. Grant funds provide salaries, and overtime pay for investigations and support crime reduction patrols targeted at the dismantling and disruption of criminal gangs and criminal offenders.

The MCIN Crime Analyst is a newly created civilian contract position and all relevant experience should be noted in the application and/or resume to be considered. The successful candidate will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of database administration and mapping programs associated with crime analysis. The candidate will possess the ability to write reports of a technical nature and have a working knowledge of the criminal justice system.

The incumbent will be responsible for:

- Studying criminal patterns in an effort to predict the time, place and day that crimes might occur
- Enter data into databases including Case Explorer and Gang Net
- Track offender prioritized by the MCIN Operations Team to ensure their containment as well as their intersection with possible criminal related activities
- Acquiring and maintaining a working knowledge of the Department's Records Management System and other criminal justice databases
- Creating reports, sharing information and briefing the MCIN coordinator and partners

Demonstrated Skills and Abilities will include, but are not limited to:
- Prior Police and investigative experience is highly desired
- Project Management skills required
- Effective written, oral, and presentation skills required
- Ability to obtain certification on the Bureau of Justice Assistance Criminal Intelligence Systems Operating Policy (28 CFR Part 23) Training

Education and Experience
- Associate or Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Public Safety, Statistical Analysis or a related field preferred.
- Three (3) years of experience in a Public Safety or similar environment required.
- Equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.
- Experience with database management preferred.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The tasks identified are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position, and the City in its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify the duties of the position.

Applicants are required to complete and submit a City of Hyattsville employment application which is available online at, along with a resume, cover letter and three professional references. The City of Hyattsville is an Equal Opportunity Employer without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability, political or union affiliation. Applications may be picked up at the Hyattsville City Administrative Office, 4310 Gallatin Street, Hyattsville, MD, at the 3rd floor reception area, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Or Fax information to 301-985-5029.

The position remains open until filled. Questions specific to the duties/qualifications of this position may be directed to Captain Scott Dunklee at 301-985-5071. Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Cynthia Canfield, Coordinator, Human Resources and Special Projects at 240-487-1706.

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Ad Title: Professional Specialist - Police Crime Analyst
Location: Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson Co
Post Date: 10/18/18
City: Nashville
State: TN
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Nashville, TN

This position is in the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) and performs duties of a specialized nature requiring professional knowledge, skills, and abilities that are directly related to the Crime Analysis - GIS Unit in the Strategic Development Division.

All positions in the MNPD require an extensive background check.

Typical Duties

Serves as subject matter expert on tactical, administrative, and strategic crime analysis.
Conducts complex analysis using appropriate crime analysis and Geographic Information System (GIS) processes to identify and predict crime trends, series, and patterns.
Assists and provides support to the Crime Analysts for Patrol (CAP) Officers who are assigned to the police precincts. Prepares and presents training to CAP Officers as needed.
Develops queries with Transact-SQL in Microsoft SQL Server and reports with SQL Reporting Services.
Determines and/or designs appropriate problem solving strategies for issues related to crime analysis.
Collects, collates, and analyzes crime data and information pertaining to crime measures and police efficiencies.
Performs practical program evaluation as needed.
Analyzes administrative or operational problems, programs, or policies.
Serves as a member of the Strategic Development Division team that facilitates the CompStat process for MNPD.
Maintains confidential records and files.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university and three (3) years of related experience with ArcGIS and/or MS SQL, Python or R; OR a Master's Degree from an accredited college or university and one (1) year of related experience with ArcGIS and/or SQL, Python, or R.
Candidates with accreditations earned in a foreign institute are encouraged to apply.

Note: Per Metro Ordinance No. SO94-1078. All employees of the Metropolitan Government shall be residents of the State of Tennessee or become residents of the state within six (6) months of employment as a prerequisite to employment with the Metropolitan Government.

Preferred Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Skilled in using Geographical Information System (GIS) software to include ESRI's ArcGIS.
Ability to use SQL Server Reporting Services to create reports.
Experienced in querying databases and using statistical computer language: SQL, Python, R, TOAD, etc.
We are an equal opportunity employer that values diversity at all levels. All individuals, regardless of personal characteristics, are encouraged to apply.

Requests for ADA accommodation for the recruitment process should be directed to 615-862-6640.
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Ad Title: Public Safety Intelligence Analyst, Ohio DPS
Location: Columbus, OH
Post Date: 09/17/19
City: Columbus
State: OH
Website: visit our website...
At the direction of the Public Safety Intelligence Manager on behalf of the Hub Commander or designee:

Create sophisticated &/or complex analytical products related to criminal & terrorist activity (e.g., reports, presentations, graphs, link charts, etc.); Formulate & implement plans, policies, & procedures in response to time sensitive threat information at the local, state, & national levels (e.g., policies & protocols for state & local governmental entities in homeland security, counterterrorism, & protection of critical infrastructure & resources in the State of Ohio) in order to: assess local implications of time-sensitive & emerging threat information; Disseminate time sensitive & emerging threat information (e.g., wanted persons, missing juveniles, drug tips, suspicious activity, etc.) to all law enforcement, homeland security partners & other related Public Safety entities; Gather locally generated information (e.g., suspicious activity reporting) based on time sensitive & emerging threats; Independently review & analyze problems related to sophisticated criminal &/or complex terrorism-related activity from agency personnel & other Intelligence units; Identify & analyze informational databases, maps, spreadsheets, reports, etc.; Prepare intelligence reports, products, & briefings for presentation to all public safety partners; Develop research tools, methods & requests to appropriately accommodate intelligence information & allowing information to be easily exchanged & understood; Assist in reviewing & recommending intelligence/analytical software & hardware equipment; Coordinate information & intelligence sharing with public safety agencies nationwide; Provide operational guidance to new partners & maintain partnerships with & facilitate exchange of information between federal, state & local law enforcement agencies for disposition of criminal activity &/or intelligence information; Utilize state vehicle to travel to various locations with required job related equipment (e.g., laptop, surveillance equipment, etc.) to research & analyze intelligence information to aid law enforcement & public safety agencies with tactical operations, investigations & the mitigation of public safety incidents.

Collect & analyze intelligence information & other resources to determine patterns, trends & movements of terrorists &/or professional criminals to aid law enforcement agencies with investigations (e.g., homicides, drug activity, gang activity, fraud, human trafficking, etc.); Coordinate research activities with other departmental units &/or outside agencies; Ensure compliance with applicable federal statutes & Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

Maintain common operating picture for the State of Ohio including overall threats, hazards, & response operations throughout the state & or nation as resources are deployed; Support information & intelligence gathering for DSAR & other situational awareness reports; Respond to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) Hub, State Fusion Center, or Emergency Operations Center during critical incidents; Support incident specific briefing to senior agency leadership & others as directed; Review correspondence, directives, & reports to ensure accuracy & completeness; Analyze trends that may indicate potential need for state involvement & asset deployment; Conduct special analytical studies to support the agency.

Serve as resource person & technical advisor (e.g., respond to requests for information; represent agency in meetings & trainings) in areas of homeland security, criminal intelligence, & public safety; Schedule, coordinate &/or conduct briefings, classes, seminars & conferences; Cross-train job duties with Homeland Security & Criminal Intelligence.

Assist with office-related tasks as they pertain to the functionality & operation of the unit; Represent the Hub at meetings & conferences; Perform other duties as assigned.

***Position also requires the ability to obtain and maintain a federal Secret level Security Clearance***

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Ad Title: Security Operations Analyst
Location: Louisville, KY
Post Date: 07/17/19
Website: visit our website...
This position is responsible for supporting the monitoring of the safety & security of thousands of associates, contingent labor staff, and owned/leased/vendor facilities throughout the enterprise. This position is also responsible for assisting in maintaining situational awareness, emergency preparedness, developing monitoring procedures, conducting research, assessing impact of natural and manmade disasters and facilitating communication for issue resolution.
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