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Ad Title: Administrative Analyst (Crime Intelligence)
Location: Torrance
Post Date: 03/26/18
Contact: Human Resources
City: Torrance
State: CA
Zip: 90503
Phone (W): 310-618-2915
Email: JobInfo@TorranceCA.Gov
Website: visit our website...
Are you looking for an exciting career assisting in the development of tactical and strategic responses to criminal activity?

Torrance Police Department's Special Investigations Division is currently accepting applications for Administrative Analyst (Crime Intelligence).

The Torrance Police Department's Special Investigations Division is composed of 4 teams including Gang Detail, Crime Impact Team, Vice/Narcotics, and Intel. The Division works collectively to reduce criminal acts and apprehend suspects engaged in criminal activity, while utilizing innovative investigation techniques. The Administrative Analyst works directly with investigators to collect and organize data related to suspects and crime trends; conducts analysis; and provides real-time intelligence vital to daily operations.

As part of the Special Investigations Division, the Administrative Analyst will be expected to operate efficiently in a fast-paced environment and utilize critical thinking to provide analysis for multiple investigations.
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Ad Title: Chicago ATF Federal Contractor
Location: Chicago, IL
Post Date: 04/25/18
Website: visit our website...

The CGIC Level III must possess the skill and ability to analyze, summarize, report, and share information.
• Assist in data collection, enter evidence into (IBIS), perform image & correlation reviews, conduct comprehensive tracing.
• Distribute unconfirmed hits.
• Assist with site management; ensure timely entry and return of hits and traces
• Assist with quality control; ensure that casings are properly entered and traces are properly conducted.
• Coordinate collection of crime gun intelligence from surrounding agencies.
• Bring additional agencies into the process of NIBIN and e-Trace.
• Coordinate and conduct presentations and training to agency officials.
• Use crime gun intelligence to identify high value targets, merge NIBIN hits, tracing results, multiple sales, NICS and local intelligence.
• Distribute crime gun intelligence to the proper authorities.
• Coordinate the results from crime gun intelligence with:
o ATF Field Divisions - Field Intelligence Groups
o Local law enforcement intelligence
o Designated authorities
• Track and document the results of leads provided from crime gun intelligence.
• Perform Site Surveys at ATF and NIBIN Partner sites as needed.
• Provide liaison support outside the office as required.
• Analyze, summarize, report and share information both verbal and written.
• Establish rapport with others to accomplish objectives.
• Conduct entries and perform image and correlation reviews on NIBIN equipment after receiving training from ATF or other authorized trainer.
• Correctly identify and trace firearms through the ATF e-Trace system

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Ad Title: Cyber Program Manager/Analyst
Location: Baltimore, MD
Post Date: 03/06/18
Contact: HR Recruitment Staff
City: Baltimore
State: MD
Zip: 21201
Website: visit our website...
Cyber Program Manager/Analyst
Center for Drug Policy and Enforcement
University of Baltimore

Vacancy Number 300838
Faculty position with full, competitive benefits package
Salary: $79,100 - $90,000
Recruitment opened on 2/26/2018, position is open until filled, and application review begins immediately

The Cyber Program Manager/Analyst directly supports public safety, government, and private sector customers by identifying, creating and sharing relevant and actionable cyber intelligence and information, through assessments, bulletins, briefings and/or investigative support. The analyst performs a wide range of analytical functions including research, analysis and reporting on criminal and terrorism related vulnerabilities, risks, and threats posed by cyber actors to the State of Maryland. The analyst provides predictive analysis based on relevant local, regional, national or international intelligence information, trends or activities. This position works in developing, supporting and conducting statewide liaison and outreach activities as they relate specifically to Cyber security and protection related threats and vulnerabilities. The analyst will provide briefings and reports to government and private sector customers related to Cyber security, protection and vulnerabilities. The analyst assists the Critical Infrastructure Protection Branch in cataloging, assessing, prioritizing and reporting on the Information Technology and Communications related Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources and specifically identifies vulnerabilities, threats, consequences, and overall risk originating from natural or manmade threats, both intentional and unintentional.

Key Functions/Responsibilities/Tasks

1. Cyber security and protection related threat, vulnerability analysis and reporting:

Perform analysis of raw, primary, and secondary data derived from various sources to advance cyber and electronic crime investigations, and threat mitigation efforts.
Research, compile, analyze, and report cyber-crime, cyber terrorism, cyber-related intelligence trends and patterns.
Produce assessments, bulletins, maps, charts and specialized reports to assist law enforcement, homeland security, government and private sector customers in supporting the security and protection of infrastructures and customers.
Evaluate information and intelligence products from local, regional, national and international reporting for dissemination to private sector and public safety partners.
Identify and research intelligence needs/trends/patterns related to the Information Technology related customers.

2. Develop and maintain relationships and liaison with local, state, federal and private sector partners and customers as related to assisting in securing and protecting constituents, customers, facilities and structures:

Partner with other state, local and federal government agency outreach, liaison and training programs related to cyber security.
Develop briefing and outreach materials supporting the mutual sharing of information and intelligence related to cyber security and threats to include Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR).
Develop relationships supporting the identification and partnerships with Subject Matter Experts in the various cyber communities.
Provide recommendations and assist in coordinating resources in the event that a Maryland private sector's or government agency's networks are disabled by a cyber-attack (including web defacements, posting of personal identifiable information, DDoS attacks, ransomware infections, social media account takeover, server breaches, etc.).

3. Maryland Cyber Program Development and Maintenance:

Coordinate meetings with Cyber stakeholders in the government and private sector to develop procedures and policies for Cyber threat and Vulnerabilities awareness and information sharing.
Coordinate and develop, in partnership with local, state and federal cyber and information and communication technology staff, a threat or attack response plan.
Contribute to national intelligence collaboration and production related to cyber vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks.
Participate in exercises, conferences, and training supporting the development and sustainment policies and sustainment resources.
Develop strategy for expanding the tools, tradecraft and personnel necessary for Maryland's Cyber Program.
Assist in the evaluation of new threats, applications, or tradecraft supporting security protection of state, local government and private sector customers.

4. Continuing Education, Training and Conferences:

Attend contemporary and continuing education/training opportunities supporting maintenance and advancement of analytical tradecraft and analytical systems and procedures to remain current with all necessary intelligence analysis systems and procedures.
Participate in and/or lead conference sessions related to cyber related protection and security.

5. Other duties as assigned, include host agency's web development and administration, SharePoint design and administration, form(s) design, social media engagement, cyber protection, etc.

Required Education and Experience: A Bachelor's degree in information technology, cyber security or other related field; Four years cyber security, analysis or investigative experience.

Preferred Education and Experience: A Master's degree or higher in intelligence, cyber security, information technology, or closely related field; Five or more year's experience in conducting cyber program management, analysis, investigations or intelligence.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of classified and open source research and data analysis methods and techniques.
Ability to collect, assemble, analyze, and evaluate evidence, statistics, and other pertinent information to draw logical conclusions in order to effectively solve crimes. Experience working with Kali Linux, Python, ARC GIS Mapping, Pen Link or i2 analytical software.
Familiar with local, state and federal cyber security resources.
Capable in using cyber forensic tools and applications.
Familiar with ethical hacking techniques and procedures.
Familiarity with statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel or SSPS software.
Experience working with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing to a wide range and number of audiences.
Experience working with federal, state and local law enforcement databases.
Ability to work extended hours as necessary.
Knowledge of the Intelligence Cycle and Criminal Investigations.
Knowledge in the collection, analyzing, and dissemination of criminal intelligence information.
Ability to research a voluminous amount of databases to identify trends or patterns.
Ability to prepare graphs, charts, tables, maps, and other illustrative devices from collected data or visual presentations.
Ability to effectively communicate both in oral and written form.
Ability to understand and follow directives, instructions, and standard operating procedures.

** Due to the nature of the work, the analyst may be required to pass a drug screening test and must possess or obtain a government-issued security clearance and pass a criminal background check.**

** Employee may be required to work outside of normal duty hours during significant or special events and during crises or high-level investigations related to terrorism and criminal activities.**

Visit to review our vacancy announcement and access our electronic application.

The University of Baltimore ("UB" or "University") does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices. UB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.
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Ad Title: ICITAP Senior Counterterrorism Program ‘Alert List’ Advisor Bangladesh
Location: Bangladesh
Post Date: 03/21/18
Contact: Meredith O'Reilly
City: Chantilly
State: VA
Website: visit our website...
Engility is seeking a CT Sr. program Alert List Advisor to join our team in support to the ICITAP Mission is Bangladesh! This position serves one of the main points of contact for executive and working levels of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB), Bangladesh National Police, including the Office of the Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTCU).

Program Objective: GOB-identified law enforcement agency builds a sustainable capacity to maintain an Alert List and utilizes the Alert List for screening at ports and borders.
Increase information-sharing and coordination regarding the identification and movement of potential foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), on an interagency and interstate basis, as well as with international law enforcement organizations.

In this position you will be responsible for: the creation and implementation of the CT-ICITAP ‘Alert List’ project; the development, accountability, and deployment of all ICITAP adjunct and contract instructors; coordination of training & development activities with the Bangladesh ATU and other relevant agencies; accountability of field operations, inventory, and project progress; liaison and coordination with other USG federal agencies, third-party foreign governments, NGOs, and others. It is the primary subject matter expert (SME) position within the Bangladesh program with direct supervisory authority over other American TAs, and locally hired Technical Advisors. During the absence of the Program Manager and the Assistant Program Manager, the SME will represent ICITAP in all meetings and functions to include various working groups, and other relevant meetings and events. The SME will work closely with the ICITAP Program Manager, Assistant Program Manager, and the Program Management Specialist. GOB-identified law enforcement agency builds a sustainable capacity to maintain an Alert List and utilizes the Alert List for screening at ports and borders. In this role you will increase information-sharing and coordination regarding the identification and movement of potential foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), on an interagency and interstate basis, as well as with international law enforcement organizations.

Duties include:

Serve as one of ICITAP's main points of contact for all levels of the Bangladesh police up to and including the office of the IGP and is one of the principal liaisons between ICITAP & Bangladesh Antiterrorism Unit (ATU).
Develop ‘Alert List’ processes, guidance and standards in accordance with norms of privacy, redress, and data integrity, as well as applicable law.
Plan, develop, and implement programs, policies, and procedures that result in the effective sharing of information across the GOB while protecting intelligence and law enforcement sources and methods, operational equities, and privacy.
Assess, identify, and evaluate the potential impact of obstacles to information flow across the Bangladesh intelligence community (IC) and work with policy analysts and IC partners to develop and implement policy and process improvements.
Plan, identify, and develop effective solutions to intelligence access issues experienced by departments.
Ensure the maximum exchange of information throughout the IC and to non-traditional customers by balancing the responsibility-to-provide principle with the need-to-know standard as defined by existing policies, laws, and regulations.
Plan and facilitate the negotiation process for defining agreements between the IC and relevant GOB agencies in support of information sharing; plan, develop, and write Memorandums of Understanding establishing information sharing agreements with these GOB components.
Identify and implement training for screeners and law enforcement on the ‘Alert List’ and screening platform.
Coordinate all ICITAP funded CT/CVE ‘Alert List’ funded projects including, but not limited to; preparation and execution of short-term and long-term training/event schedules.
Coordinate all travel arrangements for a delegation of interagency Bangladesh law enforcement stakeholders to travel to the United States for a study tour, so they can view best practices in developing an ‘Alert List’ and learn how an ‘Alert List’ interacts at U.S. borders and airports.
Research the requirements for a database, software, and network platform for the ‘Alert List’ that can also be used for real-time screening of identities at points of entry.
Shall serve as the secondary point of contact with the Embassy’s Counterterrorism Programs Coordinator, ensuring the Embassy is kept well informed of ICITAP CT/CVE activities and that they continue to conform with the Embassy’s CT/CVE strategy, as well as compliance with ICITAP’s interagency agreement.
Supervise field operations, including supervision of American contractors.
Serve as logistics officer for the ‘Alert List’ project.
Ensure shipping of equipment & training materials where needed; ensure its collection and accountability when activities are accomplished.
Maintain training & equipment records/conduct inventories on all ICITAP equipment.
Development and reproduction/publication of training materials.
Ensure compliance with Leahy vetting/oversight of vetting requests for all ICITAP projects countrywide.
Ensure HQ requirements for course approvals are met in a timely manner.
Handle complaints from all ICITAP instructors, Bangladesh Police personnel & Bangladeshi/ICITAP staff.
Provide necessary documentation to the Bangladesh Police and/or ICITAP to allow instructors & students to attend training sessions.
Conduct meetings with all relevant personnel, whether Bangladeshi or American, for coordination purposes.
Prepare Embassy working group notes, semi-monthly reports & other documents to keep Program Manager and Program Management Specialist apprised of programmatic activities.
Assist other US entities, i.e., FBI, DEA, ATA, PACOM with training needs, foreign travel authority process, etc.
Develop and implement the ICITAP annual training/events calendar.
Responsible for developing power point presentations, hand-outs & class exercises all courses.
Assistance to ATU in development of their policies & procedures manual/Standard Operating Procedures.
Oversight of negotiating with ATU for the acquisition of offices, classrooms, and other facilities required for ICITAP operations

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Ad Title: INTERPOL Criminal Intelligence Analyst ENACT Harare (INT01571)
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Post Date: 03/22/18
Website: visit our website...
Project ENACT aims at enhancing capacity of African law enforcement to respond more effectively to transnational organized crime and related threats. INTERPOL’s role will focus on providing assistance to African police agencies in developing an intelligence model that is suited to their needs and capabilities, foster understanding in senior and middle police management of analytical techniques and their added value to investigations, and to provide direct analytical support to INTERPOL African member countries through the Regional Bureaus in Harare. The regional criminal intelligence analyst will perform intelligence analysis on matters relating to the structure, activities and development of transnational organized crime and in addition contribute to the further development of criminal intelligence analysis as a vital law enforcement support tool.
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Ad Title: Interpol Criminal Intelligence Analyst ENACT Nairobi (INT01508)
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Post Date: 03/22/18
Website: visit our website...
Project ENACT aims at enhancing capacity of African law enforcement to respond more effectively to transnational organized crime and related threats. INTERPOL’s role will focus on providing assistance to African police agencies in developing an intelligence model that is suited to their needs and capabilities, foster understanding in senior and middle police management of analytical techniques and their added value to investigations, and provide direct analytical support – when needed- to INTERPOL African member countries through a dedicated analytical component at the regional bureau in Nairobi. The regional criminal intelligence analyst will perform intelligence analysis on matters relating to the structure, activities and development of transnational organized crime and in addition contribute to the further development of criminal intelligence analysis as a vital law enforcement support tools.
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Ad Title: Investigative Crime and Criminal Threat Analyst
Location: Highland, CA
Post Date: 05/08/18
Website: visit our website...
Position at San Manuel Band of Mission IndiansrnAreas of concentration will include patterns of potential criminal activity, including fraud and theft, threats of workplace violence, potential malicious insider activity, and other suspicious activity. The Security Risk Analyst is expected to help develop and mature San Manuel’s security analytics program, to include the development of an analytics IT platform, and the drafting of governance procedures. rnrnThe goal of the department is to deliver “best-in-class” security and customer service, in accordance with current policies, procedures, and established objectives. The Security Risk Analyst will have an instrumental role in developing this new capability within the DPS. The Security Risk Analyst will evaluate security risks and deliver actionable intelligence to key Tribal and Casino business leaders to inform their security-related decision-making.rnrnFor more information:
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Ad Title: Investigative Intelligence Analyst
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Post Date: 03/19/18
Contact: Merle Wynn
City: Santa Monica
State: CA
Zip: 90401
Phone (W): (310) 458-8697
Website: visit our website...
Job Summary: Researches, retrieves and analyzes criminal intelligence information from various sources within the criminal justice community for use in monitoring sex offenders, gang members and juvenile offenders. Develops and maintains detailed reports and statistical analysis. Works closely with other law enforcement agencies.
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Ad Title: Multiple - Anti-terrorism Assistance
Location: Global
Post Date: 04/10/18
Contact: Derrick McLance / John Cupp
The U.S. Department of State’s Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) trains civilian security and law enforcement personnel from friendly governments in police procedures that deal with terrorism, bomb detection, crime scene investigation, airport and building security, maritime protections, and VIP protection.

Most ATA program recipients are developing nations lacking human and other resources needed to maintain an effective antiterrorism program and infrastructure. ATA training seeks to address deficiencies noted in the ability to protect national borders, protect critical infrastructure, protect national leadership, respond to and resolve terrorist incidents, and manage critical terrorist incidents having national-level implications.

Since its inception in 1983, the program has trained and assisted over 84,000 foreign security and law enforcement officials from 154 countries.

The Global Antiterrorism Assistance (GATA) program plays a key role in our strategy of building partner nation law enforcement capacity to detect, deter, disrupt, and investigate terrorism activities and suspects.

We are looking for people with extensive experience in the following topic areas:

• Cyber Forensics and Investigations
• Explosive Operations and Investigation
• Homeland Security
• Infrastructure Protection
• Law Enforcement Management
• Police Operations and Investigations
• Hostage Negotiation
• Maritime Operations
• Personal Protection
• Crisis/Incident Management
• Fraudulent Document Detection.

If you are interested, want more information, and wish to apply, go to and review the Instructor requirements. Click the ‘Save Qualification Changes’ button and sign into Oplign.

Also, if you have the qualifications listed and you are interested and available, please send your resume / CV to the email address, with Derrick McLane (, and John Cupp ( ) copied.

You must be able to pass pre-employment drug screening
You must be able to pass pre-employment medical clearance requirements
You must meet the definition of specialized experience and provide proof of certification
You must have a current Passport and be willing to travel

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Ad Title: PenLink - Territory Sales Manager
Location: Midwest OR Northeast
Post Date: 04/25/18
Contact: Human Resources
City: Lincoln
State: NE
Zip: 68516
Phone (W): 402-421-8857
Website: visit our website...
PenLink is looking for a Territory Sales Manager in the Midwest and Northeast to drive sales growth. We need a dynamic sales person to lead the process for prospective accounts while maintaining and growing existing accounts. The position will continually ensure territory growth by developing solid business relationships with new and existing clients, planning and executing strategies and sales tactics for lead generation and closing deals, and conducting presentations, site visits, and demonstrations to prospects that represent PenLink in an effective, professional manner.

For us, it’s more than just showing up to a job; it’s about being part of something big. PenLink is a technology company that is the industry preferred software provider in communications surveillance collection and analysis for law enforcement. It is a lot of data and analytics but also so much more – it’s about improving the world and keeping safe the places we call home.

This position in the Midwest will work from home in Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, or Kansas City and surrounding areas.

The position in the Northeast will work from home in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

The qualified candidate will have phone sales, in-field sales, territory management, and high-level presentation experience. Government sales or job experience, specifically in the law enforcement market preferred.

• Growing PenLink’s presence through prospective and existing clients
• Delivering consultative and value based selling focused on positioning PenLink’s products as an integral part of law enforcement’s investigation process
• Identifying key prospects and contacts within the territory
• Developing and managing key relationships with prospective and existing clients
• Educating existing and new clients on current and upcoming products and services
• Initiating sales through pro-active means including outbound calling, mail, email, etc. and providing sales literature and product information to clients
• Providing feedback about our products, competitor’s products, and competitive landscape to appropriate internal individuals for strategic planning purposes
• Traveling to trade shows and client sites to present products and services
• Producing quotations and closing deals to meet agreed upon performance standards
• Coordinating and administering follow up activities such as documenting conversations in CRM database, processing quotes/orders, lead tracking, marketing campaigns, scheduled call backs or rep visits
• Working with Federal Accounts Director and Sales Manager to set up accounts
• Handling incoming inquires and customer service calls in a back-up capacity
• Other duties as assigned
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Ad Title: Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst I/II
Location: Modesto, CA
Post Date: 12/18/17
City: Modesto
State: CA
Website: visit our website...
The Crime and Intelligence Analyst I/II is responsible to collect, analyze and evaluate crime related data from a variety of sources; to provide timely information and recommendations to law enforcement operational and administrative personnel regarding patterns, series and crime trends; to provide information and assist with the coordination of investigations between jurisdictions; and to provide investigative support and assistance to officers, detectives and other specialized units by searching databases and reports and preparing a variety of publications, correspondence, charts and graphs to aid in the investigation of criminal activities.


Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst I - This is the entry level class in the Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst series. Positions in this class typically have little or no directly related work experience. The Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst I is distinguished from the II level by the performance of less than the full range of duties assigned to the II level. Incumbents work under general supervision while learning job tasks, progressing to direction as procedures and processes of assigned area of responsibility are learned. In addition, the II level requires possession of certification.

Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst II - This is the journey level class in the Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst series and is distinguished from the I level by the assignment of the full range of duties. Employees and this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new, unusual or unique situations arise and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit. Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the I level once expertise and certification are obtained.

Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Essential Functions:

Research and extract data from a variety of sources, including but not limited to, crime reports, field interview cards, and law enforcement databases; identify patterns, trends and series of crimes and identify possible suspects.

Research, prepare, edit and disseminate intelligence products such as trends, officer safety bulletins, incident bulletins, reports and presentations.

Assist in writing, editing and reviewing grant proposals to obtain additional funding for unit operations.

Provide list and details of calls for service in support of crime prevention efforts.

Organize and display data and information in the form of diagrams, graphs and charts of major crime organizations; create timelines, link analysis charts and subject profile packets to aid in crime prevention and investigations.

Assist in updating the Department's general orders relating to unit activities.

Prepare and present educational materials to the community and/or other law enforcement agencies.

Respond to citizen and media requests; maintain public contacts to gather information and promote goodwill.

Assist in preparing, presenting and coordinating Department training programs.

Assist with electronic surveillance which involves the reading of calls, highlighting of events, assisting with determining involvement with associations, identifying users, requesting subscriber information, and providing surveillance team with requested information.

Conduct telephone toll analysis by entering information into Penlink system, obtaining subscriber information, reviewing reports for time and date of crime, analyzing phone calls, disseminating intelligence and making recommendations to officers/investigators based on intelligence and analysis derived from tolls.

Enter and manipulate data using a computer.

Write, edit and review grant proposals to obtain additional funding for unit operations.

Coordinate activities with members of outside law enforcement agencies.

Testify in court as required.

Provide statistical analysis of productivity and other related subjects.

Perform high level association analyses involving interstate and international organizations.

Work with Federal organized crime task forces on long-term investigations and major crime trafficking organizations.

Establish and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, other City employees and the public using principles of good customer service.

Marginal Functions:

Perform related duties as assigned.
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Ad Title: Research and Statistics Consultant
Location: Orlando, FL
Post Date: 04/06/18
Contact: Serene Burns
Phone (W): 850-617-3222
Website: visit our website...

In order to be considered for this position, applicant responses to the qualifying questions, software systems, actual work experience, years of employment and hours worked per week must be clearly defined within your work history, or the application may not be considered for the position.

**Open Competitive**

Research & Statistics Consultant

$45,000.00 Annually

Contact Person: Michele Snow, (904) 359-6587

The Organization

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) provides highway safety and security through excellence in service, education and enforcement. With a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees throughout the state, the Department is leading the way to A Safer Florida through the efficient and professional execution of its core mission: the issuance of driver licenses, vehicle tags and titles, and operation of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Our Benefits include
•Annual and Sick Leave Package
•Nine Paid Holidays
•State Health and Life Insurance
•Educational Benefits
•Contributory Retirement Plan

To learn more about DHSMV and why it’s a great place to work, visit our website at:

Description of Job

This position is responsible for providing timely and relevant information on traffic crash data, crime patterns, enforcement initiatives and trends, assisting operational and administrative personnel in deploying and managing resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities and providing reports based on analysis to reduce traffic crashes and increase the apprehension of offenders by using geographic information software, crime mapping concepts, spatial analysis and structured query language.

The incumbent will also be responsible for maintaining and developing liaisons with users and technical (IT) personnel to resolve problems and recommend solutions as it relates to relational internal database design, maintenance and usage utilizing a SQL server database.

Job Requirements

This position requires the incumbent to have and maintain a valid driver’s license in good standing. A driver’s license history review will be conducted on all candidates in consideration for the position.

Day and overnight travel is required for up to 7 or more consecutive day at a time.

The selected applicant must pass a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) criminal history background check.

Preferred Qualifications
Preference will be given to applicants who have professional experience working with Crystal Reports or other statistical reporting software. The ability to program in and consume data from Oracle and SQL server databases is preferred.

The process for selecting applicant(s) for this position could take up to six months. Following the six month period, a new application must be submitted to an open advertisement in order to be considered for that vacancy.

HSMV employees are paid once a month on the last workday of each month. All state employees are required to participate in the direct deposit program pursuant to s. 110.113 Florida Statutes.

The State of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer, and does not tolerate discrimination or violence in the workplace.

Candidates requiring a reasonable accommodation, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, must notify the agency hiring authority and/or People First Service Center (1-866-663-4735). Notification to the hiring authority must be made in advance to allow sufficient time to provide the accommodation.

The State of Florida supports a Drug-Free workplace. All employees are subject to reasonable suspicion drug testing in accordance with Section 112.0455, F.S., Drug-Free Workplace Act.

VETERANS’ PREFERENCE. Pursuant to Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, candidates eligible for Veterans’ Preference will receive preference in employment for Career Service vacancies and are encouraged to apply. Candidates claiming Veterans’ Preference must attach supporting documentation with each submission that includes character of service (for example, DD Form 214 Member Copy #4) along with any other documentation as required by Rule 55A-7, Florida Administrative Code. Veterans’ Preference documentation requirements are available by clicking here. All documentation is due by the close of the vacancy announcement.

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Ad Title: Security Intelligence Analyst
Location: Daytona, FL
Post Date: 04/16/18
Contact: Lea Winfield
City: Charlotte
State: NC
Zip: 28262
Phone (W): 7043487190
Website: visit our website...
NASCAR’s Security Department seeks a talented and experienced professional Security Intelligence Analyst to join our team based in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Responsible for the analytical and intelligence components of Company’s security efforts.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

Monitor Source Intelligence - Intelligence Analyst should be aware of topics related to all crimes, all hazards, terrorist trends, tactics, practices; and existing and emerging first responder tactics, considerations, resources, and equipment; including Open Source, Threats, Events and Incidents, Trends and Potentials, Capabilities and Intentions and Indications and Warnings, proficiency in monitoring and analyzing social media.

Produce and/or Disseminate Vetted Information - Provide key company personnel with communication and support for our industry by forwarding data including Emails, Alerts, Warnings, Advisories, Bulletins and Briefings. Produce threat assessments for major NASCAR events.

Collaborate and Liaison with State, Local, Federal Agencies - Attend meetings, seminars, training and liaise with local, state, and federal agencies that have all hazards preparedness and prevention responsibilities.

Support Intelligence Requirements and Training - Provide or facilitate ongoing training and information to various personnel regarding hazards, crime, terrorist tactics, techniques, and procedures

Enhance Actionable Intelligence - Ensure that stakeholders are response ready and have regular updates on threats with potential life safety consequences; including Lead Generation, Tips, Early Warning and Training

Travel - Limited travel is required; estimated < 5% - 10%, including weekends
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Ad Title: Walmart - Analyst III, Global Investigations
Location: Bentonville, AR
Post Date: 04/10/18
Website: visit our website...
Analyzes and interprets integrated data and information to improve investigator efficiency and effectiveness. Consults with internal stakeholders and project teams through data analysis on highly complex or significant matter allegations. Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans. Manages strategies, processes, caseloads, and analytical best practices. Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity. Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions. Provides data-based analysis and insights to drive investigative analytics strategy
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Ad Title: WeWork - Intelligence Manager, Investigations and Threat Management
Location: New York
Post Date: 03/07/18
Website: visit our website...

Define and execute the intelligence strategy for the Security Team which includes Open Source Intelligence, Investigative Intelligence, and Security Intelligence.
Assist with the development of policies and procedures governing Intelligence Services, specifically OSINT responsibilities in partnership with Wework Legal team.
Establish Intelligence techniques to collect, organize, synthesize, and summarize data from multiple sources to provide actionable information to decision makers, including analytical products.
Provide tactical investigative support to global and regional investigations including open source research, and use of in-house and vendor databases such as CLEAR.
Collect, evaluate, and disseminate accurate and timely intelligence to support action plans based on credibility and likelihood.
Assess Risk to Wework personnel, buildings, and information based on ongoing or predicted events.
Coordinate with security counterparts to make risk-based recommendations about posture and resource allocation.
Author analytical assessments about incident trends and potential threats to Wework and disseminate to appropriate stakeholders to support their decision-making.
Brief senior leaders including Security Directors and other cross business and sector senior leaders on major incidents and their impact or risk of impact on Wework.
Oversee preparation and provide briefs of intelligence findings and trends identifying systemic issues and risks.
Collate and analyze data on regional incidents, and provide relevant analytical products to regional and senior leadership identifying trends, losses, and mitigation strategies.
Coordinate with multidisciplinary teams focusing on threats and ensure trends and techniques are tracked and converted into actionable tasking across all WW holdings, seeking to identify emerging issues, trends, and arising threats.
Utilize vendors and perform strategic reviews of new technologies and methodologies that can support Intelligence Services including contract resources for open source intelligence, industry-specific security information, and social media monitoring.
Develop strong relationships with domestic and international peers, public sector counterparts, and relevant organizations to develop best practices and develop and maintain strong and sustainable industry and government agencies relationships.
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Ad Title: WSIN - Criminal Intelligence Analyst Supervisor - Watch Center - Swing Shift
Location: Sacramento, CA
Post Date: 04/27/18
Contact: Kirk Meyers
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Zip: 95825
Phone (W): 9162631179
POSITION TITLE: Criminal Intelligence Analyst Supervisor (CIAS) – Swing Shift
STARTING SALARY: $5,571 per month, plus 12% as a monthly benefit allowance. The benefit allowance may be taken in cash in lieu of benefits. This is an exempt position.
LOCATION: Sacramento, CA
FINAL FILING DATE: May 25, 2018- Applications must be received or postmarked no later than the final filing date. Applications are available at A 6-month candidate pool will be established.
WSIN is one of six Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) centers funded by Congress through the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. The candidate will be assigned to the Watch Center and will report to the Operations Manager. This position will work the swing shift from 3p.m. to midnight (1 hour lunch). Employment is at will and employee serves at the pleasure of the Executive Director of WSIN.

The WSIN Watch Center is open seven days-a-week, 24 hours a day, and provides criminal intelligence information and case and event deconfliction to law enforcement investigators in the states of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

Duties include, but are not limited to: coordinating and monitoring the work of criminal intelligence analysts, hiring appropriate staff, organizing, training and supervising their activities; developing unit goals, objectives and procedures; directing the use of computer technology relative to case specific information; identifying targets for investigation; providing deconfliction services to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States; preparing management reports and graphs; providing briefings to management and criminal investigators; developing and maintaining training documents and materials, and ensuring that federal and state laws and policies are followed.

• The WSIN Watch Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides after hours coverage for other Watch Centers across the nation.
• Work is performed in an open-office environment with noise from ringing phones; foot traffic; printers, and other office equipment and conversations.
• This position will have frequent interruptions and requires multitasking abilities and attention to detail.

• Ability to sit and operate a computer for long periods of time. Ability to lift up to 20 pounds.
• Must be able to learn and successfully operate various computer applications related to WSIN duties.
• Must maintain punctual and regular attendance.
• Must be willing to travel as needed, including by air.
• Must be willing to drive and possess a valid California driver’s license.
• Must successfully pass a peace officer level background investigation prior to employment (includes credit check, criminal history, DMV and fingerprint check with continual monitoring, etc.).

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