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Ad Title: Crime Analyst
Location: Washington DC
Post Date: 06/26/18
City: Washignton
State: DC
Zip: 20001
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The incumbent manipulates, manages, query and summarizes raw data from MPD data sources such as RMS, Computer Aided Dispatch and Criminal Justice Information System, and from other internal and external data sources. Also collects, sorts, classifies and compiles data from various source documents The incumbent will research and develop increasingly complex statistical information on a variety of police data including crime trends, crime projections, and supporting information necessary for effective presentations. Generates statistical summary reports for various officials within the Department. Also will assist with preparing necessary materials and delivers presentations of current crime trends and patterns for command staff meetings. Provides statistical and analytical information to assist in scanning, analyzing, reporting and accessing problems to promote community problem solving. Applies thematic mapping techniques to support analysis at any level of geography neighborhood, District, PSA, Ward, and citywide; and depict incident frequency or change in crime rate over time. Assigned limited and developmental assignments relevant to tactical analysis of geographic locations and crimes that occurred in specific areas.
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Ad Title: Fusion Intelligence Analyst
Location: Washington, DC
Post Date: 09/13/18
Contact: Elizabeth Massa
State: DC
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Job Summary

This position is located in the District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (DCHSEMA), Fusion Center, Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center (WRTAC). The mission of DCHSEMA is to support and coordinate homeland security and emergency management efforts, ensuring that the District of Columbia's all-hazards emergency operations are prepared to protect against, plan for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made hazards. DCHSEMA assumes the continuity of government during and following major disasters. The mission is accomplished in partnership with District, federal and regional agencies as well as many private sector organizations.

Incumbent will, under supervision, provide intelligence support and information dissemination to members of local and federal homeland security agencies throughout the District of Columbia, National Capital Region (NCR), and other similar centers in the United States. The work involves the collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of information on political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, or scientific conditions, and trends and forces in domestic areas that directly and indirectly affect the security of the NCR. The work requires the application of analytic proficiency and sound judgment to all conclusions and recommendations.

The incumbent will work alongside other analysts to plan, coordinate, and conduct strategic and tactical analysis of information and intelligence, as well as assist in determining and defining essential elements of information required and the most effective method for collection efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under supervision, communicate regularly and effectively (orally and in writing) with a range of federal, state, local, private sector, academic, non-governmental organization (NGO), and professional association entities. Provide rapid response to ad hoc requests from decision makers (e.g., special intelligence analysis or personal briefings). Provide deconfliction services for first respondents.

Assists with the development and coordination of value-added synthesis and analysis products to address key customer/stakeholder information needs in a manner suitable for the subject matter and audience. Apply analytic proficiency and sound judgment to all conclusions and recommendations.

Maintain awareness of key customer/stakeholder information needs through both direct contact and research. Maintain continuous liaison with diverse homeland security organizations, states, regional operational watch centers, and national intelligence community organizations. Identify and prioritize intelligence gaps and communicate them to customers/stakeholders. Cultivate and maintain a current and thorough understanding of assigned subject matter, to include awareness of other agency activities related to assigned subject matter portfolio.

Collect and validate intelligence, assessing the credibility of information and reliability of sources. With guidance from the Bureau Chief, produce information for customer release relating to public safety education and prevention of criminal activity.

Identified actual or potential trends, significant accomplishments, and other important factors and makes recommendations to the Bureau Chief for resolving problems, and unusual situations that may occur.

Explore anomalies, new developments, and trends that threaten security. Review and analyze new data with information already in intelligence databases and disseminate intelligence as appropriate. Disseminate and use intelligence material in compliance with classification restrictions, law, and procedures and policies.

Conceptualize, develop, and coordinate value-added synthesis and analysis products to address key customer/stakeholder information needs in a manner suitable for the subject matter and audience. Apply analytic expertise and sound judgment to all conclusions and recommendations.

Research and responds to requests for information (RFIs). Participate in inter-agency committees and meetings as representatives of the organization within their assigned area.

Follow standard work procedures. Seek assistance and advice for problems and approval for major changes in approach. Exercise judgment in adapting basic intelligence techniques to particular situations and in evaluating the validity and pertinence of data and reports.Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

License and Certification

Incumbent must possess or be able to acquire and maintain a SECRET level security clearance from the Department of Homeland Security. Incumbent is subject to work call-back to support critical or emergency situations.

Work Environment

The work is performed in an office environment, conference room, and similar settings. Common sense safety precautions are observed. There may be intermittent exposure to varied weather conditions when traveling to and from the work site.

Promotion Potential

Grade 12

Other Significant Fact

This position is a part of the Collective Bargaining Unit (CBU) FAH/HSEMA.
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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst
Location: 85 Court Street, White Plains, NY 10601
Post Date: 08/14/18
Contact: Annette Caunedo
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10011
 Perform systematic and analytical processes; extract, compile and analyze data on reported incidents of crime in
order to identify suspects, detect problem areas, and predict trends in support of criminal enforcement efforts
 Provide information to assist operational and administrative personnel in developing strategies to combat and
reduce crime
 Participate in inter-agency meetings / conferences related to information sharing
 Prepare and present statistical reports identifying countywide trends to assist Westchester County police
departments and other law enforcement agencies in collectively crafting strategies to reduce crime
 Identify emerging or existing crime problems and patterns using statistical calculations
 Analyze the linkages and similarities between crimes, offenders, suspects and victims based upon investigative
research and findings to determine and report on trends and patterns that will assist departmental mangers in
formulating effective crime reduction policies
 Coordinate the gathering and sharing of data with other law enforcement agencies and other segments of the
criminal justice community
 Conduct research, analysis, and prepare a variety of studies and reports of interest to law enforcement agencies to
assist in decision making
 Testify at criminal trials and pre-trial proceedings

Salary Range: $40,000-$45,000/year
Schedule: 8:30am to 4:30pm must be willing to cover evening shift when/if implemented
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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst I
Location: San Diego, California
Post Date: 08/22/18
Contact: Karen Furtado
City: San Diego
State: CA
Full time position starting at $21.15 hourly pay, plus benefits.

This announcement will remain open until positions are filled.

For the San Diego Fusion Center as Intelligence Analyst I for positions at the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center in the SD-LECC Watch Center; however, they may be assigned to other areas of responsibility. The SD-LECC serves as the region’s Intelligence Fusion Center, HIDTA Investigative Support Center, and RISSafe Watch Center and provides tactical and strategic intelligence services, products, and support to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in their operational and investigative efforts against all crimes, especially those associated with gangs, drug trafficking, and terrorism along California’s border with Mexico.

Job Description: Compile, analyze, evaluate, correlate, and disseminate criminal intelligence and case/event deconfliction information to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; disseminate summaries of analytical results; work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful conditions that promote officer safety and deconfliction; answer large volume of telephone calls from law enforcement officers; enter large volumes of data into law enforcement databases.

This is an at-will position and dependent upon year-to-year federal grant funding.

An eligibility list will be created from this process that could be used for up to one year to fill future Intelligence Analyst I vacancies at the SD-LECC.

The applicant must pass a law enforcement background investigation and qualify for a federal security clearance.


•Provides efficient and accurate case and event deconfliction to all levels of law enforcement.
•Analyzes criminal intelligence data and information received from a variety of sources.
•Correlates new information with existing information to fill in information gaps and generate new investigative leads in a timely manner.
•Provides analytical summaries based on information collected and analyzed.
•Assists in dissemination of information to law enforcement agencies both verbally and in writing.
•Interacts with law enforcement officers, and other authorized individuals to provide information, exchange data, and assist in coordinating investigations.
•Assists in oral presentations and briefings to agents, officers, and supervisors regarding findings, case progress, and research results, as well as other presentations on findings, products, or techniques.
•Responds to various short-term analytical requests, such as providing driver’s license photos, criminal histories, and providing subject backgrounds.
•Maintains written logs and summaries of all analytical support provided.
•Attends intelligence briefings, meetings, seminars, and conferences.
•Attends training sessions on the use of a variety of analytical tools and to enhance knowledge in particular subject areas.
•Ensures all work is conducted in a manner that protects citizen’s privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.

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Ad Title: Intelligence Research Specialist (multiple positions)
Location: Multiple, VA
Post Date: 08/30/18
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This position is part of the Chief-Office of Law Enforcement. As a Intelligence Research Specialist you will be responsible for performing research, analysis and evaluation of data in support of complex investigations.

This announcement is being advertised concurrently under R9-18-10290820-JH to all current career or career-conditional federal employees,. You must apply to each announcement separately if you wish to be considered under both recruitment methods.

Collects and catalogs intelligence data in order to address gaps in the knowledge base identified by senior specialists or supervisors.

Assists in developing new methods, approaches, and procedures to determine the validity of intelligence information.

Assembles, collates, and provides analysis of intelligence reports, trends, or conditions affecting cases, such as providing data on the price, purity, and geographic source of illicit trafficking of endangered or protected wildlife.

Analyzes domestic political, social, or economic trends or situations that have potentially significant repercussions to the Fish and Wildlife Service or Department of Interior.

Uses a limited range of national and international information systems and databases, such as LEMIS, Lexis/Nexis, NLETS, and INTERPOL.

Assists in evaluating and interpreting incoming intelligence reports and information related to a specifically defined geographical or functional area.

Provides comprehensive support to locate, acquire, review, select, and organize intelligence materials for use in briefings, reports, memos, and other analytical products.
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Ad Title: Investigative Analyst - U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command
Location: Fort Polk, LA
Post Date: 09/20/18
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Federal Government Position for the Department of the Army. Job series GS-1805-09 at the GS9 level. Permanent full time position with salary of $50,598 to $65,778. Job listed on USA Jobs website at the following link:

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Ad Title: Multiple - Anti-terrorism Assistance
Location: Global
Post Date: 04/10/18
Contact: Derrick McLance / John Cupp
The U.S. Department of State’s Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) trains civilian security and law enforcement personnel from friendly governments in police procedures that deal with terrorism, bomb detection, crime scene investigation, airport and building security, maritime protections, and VIP protection.

Most ATA program recipients are developing nations lacking human and other resources needed to maintain an effective antiterrorism program and infrastructure. ATA training seeks to address deficiencies noted in the ability to protect national borders, protect critical infrastructure, protect national leadership, respond to and resolve terrorist incidents, and manage critical terrorist incidents having national-level implications.

Since its inception in 1983, the program has trained and assisted over 84,000 foreign security and law enforcement officials from 154 countries.

The Global Antiterrorism Assistance (GATA) program plays a key role in our strategy of building partner nation law enforcement capacity to detect, deter, disrupt, and investigate terrorism activities and suspects.

We are looking for people with extensive experience in the following topic areas:

• Cyber Forensics and Investigations
• Explosive Operations and Investigation
• Homeland Security
• Infrastructure Protection
• Law Enforcement Management
• Police Operations and Investigations
• Hostage Negotiation
• Maritime Operations
• Personal Protection
• Crisis/Incident Management
• Fraudulent Document Detection.

If you are interested, want more information, and wish to apply, go to and review the Instructor requirements. Click the ‘Save Qualification Changes’ button and sign into Oplign.

Also, if you have the qualifications listed and you are interested and available, please send your resume / CV to the email address, with Derrick McLane (, and John Cupp ( ) copied.

You must be able to pass pre-employment drug screening
You must be able to pass pre-employment medical clearance requirements
You must meet the definition of specialized experience and provide proof of certification
You must have a current Passport and be willing to travel

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Ad Title: Police Crime Analyst
Location: Gainesville, FL
Post Date: 08/07/18
Contact: Jennifer Lopez
City: Gainesville
State: FL
Zip: 32601
Phone (W): 352-393-8709
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Perform responsible, advanced professional, analytical and technical work of significant complexity that requires gathering, researching, analyzing, and organizing confidential investigative information related to criminal violations.

A typical work day may include: Perform daily focused and systematic studies and reviews of crime and disorder problems as well as other law enforcement related issues; Perform daily evaluation and analysis of criminal intelligence information; Recommends investigative strategies; Monitors the levels and patterns of criminal incidents; Perform periodic tabulations of selected type of crimes or incidents; Prepare reports including area analyses, incident summarizations and crime patterns and forecasts; Make analysis-based recommendations; Utilize graphs, charts, maps and other visual aids to describe findings; Present findings at various meetings and briefings.
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Ad Title: Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst I/II
Location: Modesto, CA
Post Date: 12/18/17
City: Modesto
State: CA
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The Crime and Intelligence Analyst I/II is responsible to collect, analyze and evaluate crime related data from a variety of sources; to provide timely information and recommendations to law enforcement operational and administrative personnel regarding patterns, series and crime trends; to provide information and assist with the coordination of investigations between jurisdictions; and to provide investigative support and assistance to officers, detectives and other specialized units by searching databases and reports and preparing a variety of publications, correspondence, charts and graphs to aid in the investigation of criminal activities.


Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst I - This is the entry level class in the Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst series. Positions in this class typically have little or no directly related work experience. The Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst I is distinguished from the II level by the performance of less than the full range of duties assigned to the II level. Incumbents work under general supervision while learning job tasks, progressing to direction as procedures and processes of assigned area of responsibility are learned. In addition, the II level requires possession of certification.

Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst II - This is the journey level class in the Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst series and is distinguished from the I level by the assignment of the full range of duties. Employees and this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new, unusual or unique situations arise and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit. Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the I level once expertise and certification are obtained.

Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Essential Functions:

Research and extract data from a variety of sources, including but not limited to, crime reports, field interview cards, and law enforcement databases; identify patterns, trends and series of crimes and identify possible suspects.

Research, prepare, edit and disseminate intelligence products such as trends, officer safety bulletins, incident bulletins, reports and presentations.

Assist in writing, editing and reviewing grant proposals to obtain additional funding for unit operations.

Provide list and details of calls for service in support of crime prevention efforts.

Organize and display data and information in the form of diagrams, graphs and charts of major crime organizations; create timelines, link analysis charts and subject profile packets to aid in crime prevention and investigations.

Assist in updating the Department's general orders relating to unit activities.

Prepare and present educational materials to the community and/or other law enforcement agencies.

Respond to citizen and media requests; maintain public contacts to gather information and promote goodwill.

Assist in preparing, presenting and coordinating Department training programs.

Assist with electronic surveillance which involves the reading of calls, highlighting of events, assisting with determining involvement with associations, identifying users, requesting subscriber information, and providing surveillance team with requested information.

Conduct telephone toll analysis by entering information into Penlink system, obtaining subscriber information, reviewing reports for time and date of crime, analyzing phone calls, disseminating intelligence and making recommendations to officers/investigators based on intelligence and analysis derived from tolls.

Enter and manipulate data using a computer.

Write, edit and review grant proposals to obtain additional funding for unit operations.

Coordinate activities with members of outside law enforcement agencies.

Testify in court as required.

Provide statistical analysis of productivity and other related subjects.

Perform high level association analyses involving interstate and international organizations.

Work with Federal organized crime task forces on long-term investigations and major crime trafficking organizations.

Establish and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, other City employees and the public using principles of good customer service.

Marginal Functions:

Perform related duties as assigned.
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Ad Title: Research & Statistics Consultant
Location: Leon County, Florida
Post Date: 09/20/18
Contact: Michelle Snow
Phone (W): (904) 359-6587
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This position is responsible for providing timely and relevant information on traffic crash data, crime patterns, enforcement initiatives and trends, assisting operational and administrative personnel in deploying and managing resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities and providing reports based on analysis to reduce traffic crashes and increase the apprehension of offenders by using geographic information software, crime mapping concepts, spatial analysis and structured query language.

The incumbent will also be responsible for maintaining and developing liaisons with users and technical (IT) personnel to resolve problems and recommend solutions as it relates to relational internal database design, maintenance and usage utilizing a SQL server database.

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Ad Title: Senior Intelligence Analyst
Location: New York
Post Date: 07/12/18
Contact: Richard Pena
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10038
Phone (W): 12122614720
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Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is the nation’s leading women’s health care provider, educator, and advocate, serving women, men, teens and families. For over 100 years, PPFA has done more than any other organization in the United States to improve women’s health and safety, prevent unintended pregnancies, and advance the right and ability of individuals and families to make informed and responsible health care decisions.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) seeks a dynamic and effective Senior Intelligence Analyst reporting to the PPFA Global Safety and Security (GSS), Director of Intelligence and Investigations. The Senior Intelligence Analyst is responsible for extracting information; making sense of that information; and making use of that information. This position entails monitoring, collecting, and the analysis of raw data for tactical and strategic products to mitigate a determined and radical opposition movement with intentions such as violence, crimes and disruptive operations against personnel, associates, events, and/or facilities.


Planned Parenthood Federation of America is an equal employment opportunity employer and is committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory work environment, and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. Planned Parenthood is committed to creating a dynamic work environment that values diversity and inclusion, respect and integrity, customer focus, and innovation.
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Ad Title: Senior Intelligence Research Specialist (multiple vacancies)
Location: Multiple, VA
Post Date: 08/30/18
Website: visit our website...
This position is part of the Chief-Office of Law Enforcement. As a Senior Intelligence Research Specialist you will be responsible for performing research, analysis and evaluation of data in support of complex investigations.

This announcement is being advertised concurrently under R9-18-10290703-JH open to all qualified individuals. You must apply to each announcement separately if you wish to be considered under both recruitment methods.

Identifies, collects, reviews, interprets, evaluates, and integrates large volumes of intelligence data from multiple sources pertaining to extensive, interrelated geographical or functional fields

Plans, implements and maintains databases and establishes methods to store, process, and extract technical or operational intelligence in one or more assigned areas

Develops analytical tools and methodologies to identify and fill present gaps and prevent future gaps. Coordinates for the collection of intelligence to fill critical gaps.

Plans, develops, organizes and conducts special research studies providing comprehensive assessments of broad, complex or sensitive issues within the assigned area.

Employs extensive analytical tools and products including document analysis and exploitation, pre-enforcement action plans, link analysis, data base exploitation, toll analysis, and other varied techniques.

Prepares reports and delivers briefings to managers for the purpose of having them understand the findings and recommendations.

Plans, coordinates, and conducts the collection and analysis of strategic and tactical intelligence in support of criminal investigative activities.

Plans and establishes short and long-range collection requirements and initiates new administrative procedures in intelligence collection.
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