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Event Name:Crime Analysis Applications Training

The process of analyzing crime and the incorporation of crime analysis units into the mainstream of police operations is still a relatively new  phenomenon. As such, few training programs are designed to acquaint crime analysts and their supervisors with the tasks they need to perform when assigned to these units. Fewer still provide any instruction that actually shows them how to perform these tasks. Whether or not your title is “crime analyst,” if all or any part of your job involves analyzing crime,  forecasting future criminal occurrences, identifying suspects, tracking crime patterns and series, monitoring crime trends, preparing statistical crime reports, managing the analysis function or using crime data to support field operations, CompStat, or community policing programs, then this Crime Analysis Applications Training course is for you. This is a one-week (36 hour) “hands-on” program that provides you with techniques you can use immediately to solve the real- world problems that daily confront crime analysts, patrol and investigative officers, and community policing personnel. Presented in a comfortable, nonthreatening, limited seating environment that permits individualized coaching, the training takes a “learn-by-doing” approach that gives you many opportunities to actually perform the tasks associated with crime analysis work. This format of instruction allows for not only a highly-interactive exchange between you and facilitator, but creates a climate which is conducive to the learning process. Translation: You’ll learn a lot and have fun  too!

This course focuses on the many operational issues and statistical processes, involved in designing and maintaining a dynamic crime analysis program that helps you help your officers catch crooks and do it more efficiently. We’ll demystify essential professional skills involving:



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Event Date:4/23/2018 - 4/27/2018
Location:Jackson County Sherriff's Office
Central Point, OR

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Contact Person:Divya Fisher
(phone: (541)774-2249)




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4/23/2018 - 4/27/2018
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